WHAT WE DO - Community Keys (501c3 Non Profit)

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Community Keys Programs
Community Keys Community Pop-Ups
This inititive focuses brining back the basic fundamental principles of community. It today technologically advanced society, we tend over look over basic human interaction.We randomly pick locations in need and donate items such as clothing, non perishable food, toiletries, and care packages.

Community Keys Pantry
Community Keys would like anyone who is able to donate Canned food, supplies or any dontations would be greatly appreciated.  We are collecting donations to help food pantries in the Orangeburg and Columbia areas which feed various less fourtunate peopleeveryday. Thanks in advance for your support.

Holiday Toy Drive
Consider starting a toy drive in your community. Our event collects toys and stuffed animals for them to be distributed to pre kindergarden classes in various schools. We encourage supporters to donate to our organization, or to the local schools in their community.

Community Gardens
We are creating and encouraging people to create gardens in various communities to promote healthy eating, and beautification.
Community Keys Closet
This is an inititive in which we donate and distributed to families in need, veterans, and shelters. Schools, Hospitals, Pediatrics, Cancer Units, Victims Services are some of our priority locations to donate.

Community Kids Cooking
Community Keys is teaming up with various proessional chefs to teach culinary classes to youth groups to educate and influence healthy eating. Classes will be  REGISTRATION ONLY!  The class sizes will be  maximum 15 students,  ages 10-17. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or a group please feel free to contact us.  

You Fought For Us, Come Eat With US
This program is a communiy dinner honoring our brave men and women who served in our armed forces.

Thomas Eklund Memorial Dinner
This event is in honor of Thomas B. Eklund who was the founder of the Orangeburg area Boys & Girls Club. This thanksgiving dinner is for all of the Boys & Girls club members, friends, and family to come together and celebrate the life of Thomas B. Eklund. Thomas Eklund was a pillar in the community of Orangeburg.

Columbia South Carolina
1(803) 386-1446

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